Water Softening for only $29.99 per month

Culligan Water Systems Annapolis 

Culligan Annapolis, Culligan Fredericksburg, and Culligan Dulles are proud to provide water softeners, water purifiers, bottled water delivery, and many more water treatment systems for your area.  Culligan Annapolis water systems and services

Water Softening for only $29.99 per month

Wanted, Dead or Alive - Your Old Water Softener!

Trade in your old softener for a Culligan HE - the world's most efficient water softener. You'll save up to $500 with a reward that includes a discount on the HE, old softener removal, a free water test, basic installation and free salt. Learn more about our water treatment system specials.

Water Softening for only $29.99 per month

Order a Water Cooler Online Today!

Culligan has a number of drinking water filtration options for your home or business, starting at just $22/month. Get delicous Culligan water delivered to your door or right from the faucet with the option that's best for you. Order bottled water cooler service, bottle-free cooler or RO system today!

Water Softening for only $29.99 per month

Culligan Whole Home Water Filtration! 

With a Culligan Whole Home Filtration System you can be sure you are getting water purification at every tap in your home. Whatever your water problem, Culligan’s water filter will make sure you are getting better water. Learn more about our whole home filtration systems.

Water Softening for only $29.99 per month

Save Up to 46% on a Culligan High-Efficiency Water Softener 

Introducing the water softener that uses up to 46%* less water, salt and energy. It will save you money while providing even fresher laundry, spotless glassware, and longer-lasting appliances. Save on a Culligan high-efficiency water softener

Water Softening for only $29.99 per month

Culligan Bottled Water & Water Coolers

Culligan overs a variety of bottled water and water cooler options for your home or business. Culligan® Bottled Water is free of impurities. Our bottled water is produced under strictly monitored processing and bottling standards set forth by the IBWA, Culligan, and numerous government agencies. Learn more about Culligan's great bottled water options

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Learn what your Virginia, Maryland and D.C. area neighbors have to say about Culligan Water products and services today!


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Order a Cooler!

Delicious water for your home or office, starting at just $22/month. Order bottled water cooler service or a bottle-free cooler today!


Free Water Test

Free Water Test

Don't wonder what's in your water - your Culligan Man™ can tell you. Contact your Culligan Man today for a free water test!