Water Quality Standards

Culligan Understands the Importance of Water

You can count on water from Culligan to taste great every time. Our bottled water is produced under strictly monitored processing and bottling standards set forth by the IBWA, EPA and the Culligan Corporation. Our reverse osmosis water purification process is the leading edge in contaminant removal, able to reduce microscopic impurities and chemical elements far more effectively than carbon filters, carbon filter pitches and faucet filter attachments.

Bottled Water Quality

  • Culligan bottled water meets or exceeds all federal and state health standards
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates bottled water as a food product, whereas the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates tap water provided by water utilities
  • The FDA Standards of Quality (SOQs) for bottled water must be as protective of public health as EPAs standards (known as Maximum contaminant Levels)

Culligan Water Sources

  • Culligan uses only state-approved source for our bottled water products
  • All sources are tested regularly to verify quality

Culligan Bottled Water Preparation

  • We use a multi-barrier approach process that protects against harmful chemicals and microbiological contaminants, including Cryptosporidium and E-Coli
  • Dedicated and sanitized stainless steel tanker trucks transport spring water
  • Spring water is passed through a set of one-micron absolute filters and ozonated
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What Clients Say
Steve was awesome! He was not pushy or over technical, He simply tested the water, and showed us the system that was best suited for our families needs. The pre-installation process was quick and easy to understand, the actual installation also was quick and was done far above our expectations. The actual system itself is amazing! Our water is unlike any I have ever had before. Bathing and washing clothes/dishes is much more efficient, also the drinking water tastes SO much better. We also had an issue with a pinkish buildup/staining in our showers and after just 1 month (and a bit of light scrubbing), all the stains are gone for good! I would highly recommend Culligan to any homeowner who cares about their home!
Culligan Customer
Ezra Marsh
- Culligan Customer