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How Much Water Do You Need?

How Much Water Do You Need? We want to provide a solution tailored for you, so take a moment to inventory your needs. As a company, Culligan works hard to provide efficient solutions for our customers while wasting as little as possible.
* Calculations are based on each person drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

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Fairfax water is hard and leaves a lot of mineral deposits on everything washed in the dishwasher, fridge water dispenser, and is very rough on the skin. After researching a lot I connected with Mike Lausten of Culligan Water. Setting up an appointment was quick and he spent a good amount of time to test my water and explained all the details. His approach was very customer centric, not pushy sales pitches, and very knowledgeable on the system. He explained the pros/cons of all the systems and we ended up installing a water softener (basement) and a purifier in the kitchen. Mike handled everything from start to finish with utmost care- I felt like a member of his own family!! System installation was quick. We had a minor issue after the installation and it took just one call to Mike: he handled everything himself and system has been fantastic. The water feels silky, I don't see any deposits anymore, and it's just feels so soft on the skin during a wash. Absolutely the best decision to install the system that Mike recommended. And well worth the money. It's been almost a year and the system is working fine. I called Mike to inquire about filters after about a year and to my surprise he answered on the 2nd ring, still remembered me and the system, and gave me what I needed. Extremely happy with the new soft water; Mike made all the difference and the reason for me choosing the Culligan units. Well done and highly recommend Mike and his work ethics.
Culligan Customer
Jalal Mapar
- Culligan Customer